Drew Scripts

Bingo Flashboard

This is a free Bingo Flashboard that can be used during a game of Bingo. This script is intended to be used with a projector to display the page to the participants of the game.

Instructions: Click the number that corresponds with what was drawn. If you've accidentally clicked the wrong number, you may click it again to de-select it. The last number called is also displayed in red and the script features a "Start Over" button to begin a new game. Setting your browser to full screen (F11 in Windows) is recommended. You can also adjust your browser's zoom settings to increase the size of the board. This is normally accomplished by holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and pressing the "+" key to zoom in or the "-" key to zoom out.

To begin a new Bingo Flashboard, click the "Get Started" button below.