Drew Scripts

Super Bowl Squares Generator

Where a traditional Super Bowl squares game involves each square being purchased individually, this program does things a little differently by dividing the squares as evenly as possible amongst any given number of players. The legendary Gaul family has accompanied this game during our Super Bowl get togethers for many years. With a flat entrance fee of only $10 dollars from each player. The pot is then divided up into two winnings. One given out during the half time score and a grand prize given out at the final score of the game. This adds a little extra fun to your at home Super Bowl party.

The generator is designed to randomize everything. So the order in which the players are entered in the fields below won't matter. You don't have to enter a name in each of the participant fields either. All that you have to do is put in the names of each person playing the squares game once per player in the fields provided below and the two teams that will be playing in this year's Super Bowl. Sorry for being too lazy to do this for you each year.

If you'd like to play squares in the traditional style instead, then you can enter the name of each player for the total number of squares that they've purchased. Until all 100 particpant fields are filled in. For example, if Andrew has purchased a total of 10 squares, you would enter Andrew's name in 10 of the participant fields below.

NOTE: You may have to set your printer to "Landscape" in order for the squares board to print correctly.

Please input the two teams playing in the Super Bowl this year.


Input the names of each individual participating in the squares game.